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Generative Art Is Not … Difficult

It’s really not. It’s terribly easy. That’s not to say everyone can be a good generative artist, but there is certainly very little preventing even the rank amateur from getting started, with only minimal resources. And if you don’t believe me download Processing now, copy some of the source code from this site, and try playing around with it.

To the uninitiated it might seem that learning a programming language creates a huge barrier to entry, but this is not the case. Compared with the other Arts, where there is a minimum skill level necessary for one’s work be taken seriously, with generative art most of the skill doesn’t have to be learned, it is already encapsulated within our tools.

sutcliffe pentagon

It takes many years to learn to paint, to draw, or to sculpt, but the programming aptitude required to get professional results in generative art can be mastered in a matter of days. I’m writing a book at the moment, due out later in the year, on this very subject. I would hope the first hundred pages will be enough raise anyone, even if they have never programmed before, to a level of proficiency sufficient to call themselves a generative artist.

If you are already blessed with programming skills you are already most of the way there. In fact the main problem for experienced programmers may be unlearning the strict disciplines you are used to.

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"Art is never finished, only abandoned."
- Leonardo da Vinci


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